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Ava Fluty, N.D., MEd., CNHP

The rules for work are changing. We are no longer judged solely by how smart we are or our level of expertise. More and more, employees need to develop a rounded set of skills to succeed in the workplace. Without the skills to perform at this new level, your staff will move at half-speed-creating bottlenecks, losing focus, causing conflict, and slowing down the entire organization. Dr. Ava Fluty provides keynotes and trainings to address this new reality. The result is organizations that are ready for changes, that communicate effectively, that complete projects on time, that resolve conflicts, that meet and beat customer expectations, and that get out in front and stay there!

DR. AVA FLUTY offers keynotes and training with the following advantages:

  • A full range of business skills solutions
  • Customized curriculum that will focus on your specific needs
  • Interactive workshops and classes designed to create performance transformation
  • Provide customer service that maximizes customer retention
  • Create, restore, and maintain smooth communication and transfer of knowledge
  • Keep teams productive and focused
  • And much more!

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